Quality in Quantity: It’s What Sets The Developers At Codeable Apart

These days it seems like the word “quality” is a bit like the word “organic” —  just slap it on any product and consumers take it at face value, or simply ignore it outright. It’s a piece of marketing speak that’s a catch-all for car parts, sweaters, grape jelly —  you name it.

If you think of the brands you really admire, chances are they don’t beat you over the head touting their own quality; they’d rather you see it for yourself. But until you actually have that widget in your hand, you’re basing your trust in its quality on its backstory, its ingredients list and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Codeable was founded on the idea of quality.

Actually, let me re-state that… Codeable was founded on the idea of putting the capital-Q in Quality. We believe that nothing short of the absolute best is acceptable for our clients.


Now, I know that when you’re looking for a new website, the final result can seem like it’s at the end of an infinite path, and you’re understandably nervous that you’ll invest money and time into a project that doesn’t deliver the goods. Just like a farmer would tell you the story of his farm, I’m here to give you my inside perspective on Codeable so you can really see how Quality is the basis for everything we do.

One thing you may have noticed already is that I refer to Codeable as “we” and “us.” Truth is, I’ve never met most of the developers on the site. We don’t grab happy hour drinks after a long day at the office. But, I’d like to think that’s just because there is no office… We’re all freelancers. And yet, each developer on Codeable has gone through the fire just to earn a spot on the team. No one is here on a special favor; we each had to perform in the top 1% of developers in the world to earn our certified expert WordPress developer status’.

And it’s not that we’re always looking over our shoulders at the next wave of incoming experts. Codeable keeps a lean team, only hiring as many developers as are needed to complete the project load. When you have a workforce that’s as secure as it is talented, there’s no room for ego.

It may sound cliche, but I don’t care: Codeable is a family.

When you hire a developer here (or at least when you hire me), you’re actually hiring multiple developers behind the scenes. That’s because we’re constantly communicating with one another — solving problems, asking questions, telling each other how awesome you are behind your back.

So, you could hire the lowest bidder from somewhere else, but I guarantee you that person is not in our family (maybe a distant, distant cousin with a hunchback and a creepy house in the bayou, but we’re certainly not sending out any Christmas cards).

If you like where you work, you probably like the people you work for, and Codeable is no exception. The leaders at Codeable inspire me and my colleagues to complete our very best work every single day.

First off, the CEO lives in Denmark, and have you ever met a Scandinavian with bad design sense or an accent you didn’t want to hear every day? Didn’t think so… He will personally call me when my numbers are good to give me kudos and help me identify where my growth areas are. When things go wrong (happens sometimes – Quality wasn’t built in a day) he’ll call me right away, guiding me through the rough waters and helping me find a proper solution to bounce back even stronger.

You simply do not find networks like this anywhere else in the world.

[responsive_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoZcEjTQdjo”]

Above: An interview with Per Esbensen (the CEO, and leader of Codeable) from October of 2014.

We all might as well get “Quality” tattooed somewhere on our bodies because we live and breathe it all day, every day. I know website building isn’t a slab of fine Canadian maple for your deck; you can’t see it and touch it before you buy it. Hopefully now that you understand where I’m coming from, and the people I’m bringing to the table with me. You’ll have no problem putting your faith in our own brand of Quality.

When I talk about quality I get fired up. Seriously, I’m driven to make every website I build better than the one that came before it. So if you have a new project or need me to undo someone else’s less-than-quality work, get in touch with me and let’s get started on your next project today!

Or, if you’d prefer to post your next task publicly and engage in a conversation with both my colleagues and myself on Codeable, I’d encourage you to click here and receive $10 off your next project.

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