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Xiamena Guinguis Psychotherapy

Xiamena Guinguis Psychotherapy

Daniel hired me to correct various 404 errors on his wife's WordPress website by implementing some new regex redirects.

Rating: 5 stars | Completed: Mar. ...


Dennis hired me to migrate his wife's website to WP Engine and to replace the Oxygen page builder with Elementor.

Rating: 5 stars | Completed: ...


Dennis hired me to develop a new website using Elementor and WP Astra for his management consulting business.

Rating: 5 stars | Completed: Mar. 14, ...

Blind Tiger Cafe

Leon hired me to rework and re-style some of Blind Tiger's WooCommerce pages found within his WordPress website.

Rating: 5 stars | Completed: Mar. 13, ...


Kimberly hired me to redevelop her WordPress wellness coaching website using the Hello Elementor theme on WP Engine.

Rating: 5 stars | Completed: Mar. 8, ...

Kamper Jobs

Veronica hired me to write a custom PHP snippet for her WP Job Manager, Resume Alerts plugin to modify the fields displayed.

Rating: 5 stars ...