GoDaddy: Beyond The Domain, Show #7

Last week I had an exciting opportunity to be the featured guest on episode 7 of “Beyond the Domain,” GoDaddy’s live web series hosted by community builder Heather Dopson. Beyond the Domain was a perfect fit for me to share my personal story and also to give others advice about becoming a freelancer.

Heather’s passion is helping others turn their J-O-B into their J-O-Y so her show was an absolute perfect fit for me to share my experience in making the transition from full-time employee to full-time freelancer.

Also, if you’ve been following the posts here on my blog or over at the GoDaddy Garage then you already know that most of the content I produce comes in written format. So, for any of you who’d prefer more audio/visual content rather than text, today’s your lucky day. You can watch the entire episode below.

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The show was fun, relaxed and gave me an opportunity to touch on many similar talking points that I’ve been covering during my WordCamp sessions. Basically, it was a crash course in my Five Figure Freelancing method, with tips that are applicable to all freelancers. If you’re seriously thinking about leaving the nine-to-five world behind and getting your own hustle on you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Among the topics Heather and I discussed:

  • What exactly do we mean when we talk about having a “real job” anyway?
  • How to specialize at one thing, and stay committed to that path.
  • Why joining premium outsourcing networks (like Codeable) beats cold calling.
  • How to curate and manage better relationships with your clients.
  • Learning how identify “red flag clients” quickly in order to work with better clients.

Successful freelancer rules to follow

The show was broadcast live on Facebook and garnered some solid engagement with viewers in real time.

So far 2017 is off to a great start and looks like it’s going to be a big year for me, both with my freelance web development business and as an increasingly in-demand speaker. When I set out on my journey to follow my passion and turn my own J-O-B into more J-O-Y, I couldn’t have imagined all these wonderful opportunities that would open up to me as a result.

That’s the beauty of living life on your terms — it has a certain energy that other people pick up on and want to know more about, and suddenly you’re finding yourself in front of the camera talking about the amazing life you’ve created for yourself.

If you watched my episode of “Beyond the Domain” and were inspired to start your own freelance journey, that’s awesome — it’s why I give these talks in the first place.

If you’re a business owner looking to take your website to the next level, give me a shout by clicking the button below and let’s get started working together, today!

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