Codeable: The Best Outsourcing Platform For WordPress Projects

As a business owner, it’s imperative that your company website is fully-functional at all times.

But what happens when it doesn’t? Where do you go? Who would you turn to in order to get things fixed?

where to begin

Having someone you trust on-deck, ready to deliver quality help at a moments notice whenever your website breaks is absolutely crucial in today’s online world.

And on second thought, your website doesn’t even need to be broken either… Heck, maybe you’ve “just” got a growing business on your hands and you’re in need of some help from an expert developer in order to add some new bells and whistles to an existing site of yours?

Whatever the case may be for you, it can certainly be an overwhelming task in itself simply trying to track down some quality help… However, the folks over at Codeable have made it extremely easy for you to get in touch with the best of the best, at least when it comes to their WordPress website developers.

Codeable understands your website is valuable and they want to make sure you’re entrusting its future to only the most capable, most qualified developers. With that said, here are four great reasons why you should start outsourcing your WordPress development projects via Codeable today.

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#1 — Codeable hand-selects the top 2% of WordPress developers worldwide then connects them, directly, to clients who need their help.

Codeable knows just how difficult it can be to find reliable WordPress developers when you need one, especially on a moments notice. This is exactly why they’ve set themselves on a mission to bring all of the world’s leading WordPress experts together in one place

The cornerstone of Codeable’s business is their commitment to quality, they’ve been laser-focused on assembling a team comprised only of the top 2% of WordPress developers worldwide for over 5 years now.

To date, their team of 300-ish expert WordPress developers has completed more than 70,000 projects for over 21,000 clients. Even more impressive is the fact that 99% of those projects have received 5-star ratings from their clients for the quality of service they’ve provided. In fact, 79% of their clients have been so happy with their initial experience with Codeable that they’ve returned for additional projects as well.

Okay, so obviously their developers are well qualified, but why is this important for clients? How does this make being a client on Codeable better or different than any other WordPress outsourcing platform?

A fair question indeed… Well, here’s two of the most major differences you’ll find between Codeable’s expert developers and those from other, less-prestigious, WordPress outsourcing platforms:

  1. Every member of Codeable’s team has passed development tests.
  2. Codeable has created a community of developers who are colleagues, not competitors.

Now, let’s dig in a bit deeper and learn more about why both of these things are so important.

First up, testing the developers… As a client, you’d probably be shocked to learn that many of Codeable’s competitors don’t have a system of checks and balances in place to ensure their WordPress developers are even qualified. Say what?!

I know… And sadly, it’s true.

Unfortunately, testing developers before hiring them isn’t something that every outsourcing platforms does, and even the ones who do aren’t doing it as thoroughly, or as frequently, as Codeable.

As a client, how could you ever trust a platform that isn’t vetting their own talent before allowing them to engage with you on your project? This is a recipe for disaster, and a surefire way to frustrate clients by wasting both their time and money — #ThanksButNoThanks

bad clients

Fortunately for clients who outsource their WordPress projects via Codeable, this will never happen to them.

It’s also important for clients to understand that just because a developer has passed the initial tests with Codeable doesn’t mean they’ve earned a lifetime membership to the team. Codeable’s developers are required to pass ongoing tests throughout their time spent as an accredited Codeable expert.

Each developer must demonstrate their commitment to quality on every project, no exceptions.

On top of this, developers are only allowed to take on projects that they are fully qualified and able to solve on-time. Codeable’s developers take great pride in their work, there’s even an in-house Codeable staff who will quality-check the solutions their developers are providing to ensure they’re upholding Codeable’s core values of quality, quality, and QUALITY.

Second, Codeable developers are a team, we’re colleagues, not competitors.

happy clients

The way Codeable has built their company culture amongst freelancers is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before as a freelancer… As a WordPress developer who’s worked for many other freelancing platforms over the years, Codeable has curated the best company culture I’ve ever experienced, bar none.

But why is this important for clients?

Well, because on Codeable, we developers are all working together to help their clients. Often, we’ll communicate with one another about new projects we see posted in order to help ensure the most qualified developer for any given project actually sees it and has the opportunity to engage with the client.

We’ll share proposed solutions to problems with one another and if one of our colleagues gets stuck on something we’ll chime in to help them through their creative-block. On Codeable, the developers are family, we work together to ensure every problem gets solved and that’s not something you’ll find on any other outsourcing platform, I guarantee it.

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#2 — Codeable has a global, in-house, full-time, HUMAN staff available to help their clients in real-time.

When it comes to customer service, Codeable’s in-house team are truly masters.

Honestly, calling them “happiness heroes” or “customer service” is seriously cutting them short… The only way I can think to properly describe the level of service they provide is your personal WordPress concierge.

successful freelancing is a marathon not a sprint

Should you ever have any questions along the way, whether it’s about how their platform works, or something more specific to your project, their helpful support team is always just one-click away via the little blue chat icon in the lower right corner.

And unlike many other businesses “live chat” features that leave you waiting (sometimes indefinitely) Codeable has a proven track record of responding to every single request they receive from their clients. What’s even more astonishing is that they average a less-than-10-minute response time on all inquiries, 24/7/365.

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#3 — Codeable offers a money-back guarantee for all projects.

Before we get into talking about Codeable’s money-back-guarantee, I want to first explain a bit more about how projects are actually funded by clients via Codeable.

It’s important to know that all projects outsourced via Codeable are 100% pre-funded.

get paid

There’s one exception to this rule which only comes into play for multi-phase projects.

For example, let’s say as a client you’ve posted a new project for brand new, full website build and you’d prefer to pay 50% down, 50% on completion.

In that case, you’d be required to deposit 100% of the value of the initial phase (50% total) and then the remaining 50% would be funded once the initial halfway milestone was achieved.

However, for the rest of this example, we’re going to assume you’ve posted a single-phase project, such as reworking the styling for one of the pages on your website.

Okay, so, let’s imagine you’ve successfully posted your WordPress project on Codeable and you’ve received some estimates that are aligned with your financial expectations. Again, all of these estimates are coming from developers who Codeable guarantees are qualified to help fully resolve your problem. Now what?

First things first, you need to hire one of the developers who applied to work on your project.

After you’ve spent some time communicating with the developers who’ve expressed their interest in helping you solve your WordPress problems, your next step is to click the “hire” button next to the developers’ name whom you’d prefer to work with.

Once you’ve made your decision and clicked the “hire” button, the Codeable system will prompt you to deposit 100% of the funds into escrow for your project.

As developers, this pre-payment tells us that our clients are serious about getting their work done. After funding, the money is set aside in Codeable’s escrow account where it remains, waiting patiently for the developer to complete the task for which they were hired.

Once a client and developer are in agreement that a project has indeed been completed successfully, then the client’s last step is to click the “mark as complete” button which releases their payment from Codeable’s escrow account to the developer.

Codeable developers are only paid for their work once a client has marked their project “complete”.

Should ever there be a time where a project was not completed to the full satisfaction of any client, then the client will have an opportunity to leverage Codeable’s money-back-guarantee.

The only caveat here for you to be aware of as a client is that Codeable’s money-back-guarantee does not currently cover their 15% project fee. So, for the sake of round numbers, if you had a $100 project go south and you wanted your money back, you’d be eligible for an $85 refund.

However, before anything gets to that point Codeable will do absolutely everything in their power to help you. Whether that means helping you find another developer to take over if your initial developer didn’t quite turn out to be a perfect match after-all.

Yes, Codeable’s money-back-guarantee is a nice piece of mind for clients. However, it’s extremely, EXTREMELY rare that things would ever escalate to that point.

identify red flags quickly

Again, to be completely transparent with you, over the past 2.5+ years only 1 project out of my last 1,171 has ever managed to escalate to the point of a refund — that’s 0.0008%.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make here is that all developers on Codeable are human, and the same holds true for their clients too… From time to time, albeit very rarely, there are clients who have a less-than-perfect experience while outsourcing their projects via Codeable.

Sometimes it’s the client’s fault, other times the fault lies with the developer. In either case, you can rest assured that the Codeable staff will thoroughly investigate your situation and attempt to find an amicable resolution. However, if no resolution can be found they’ll honor their money-back-guarantee to you.

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#4 — Codeable has developed an easy to use, secure, private platform with all of the tools you’ll need to manage your next project already built-in.

It’s true, Codeable’s platform really does help to keep all of your WordPress projects neatly organized. And not only is that extremely convenient for clients, but it’s nice for their developers as well.

Having one centralized location to communicate, share files, securely store sensitive information (like login credentials), and process payments helps keep things running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Another benefit to clients is that none of the projects they post are ever made available publicly.

Only the certified expert WordPress developers, who have all been hand-selected by Codeable, are granted permission to read your project brief and engage with you via the unique “workroom” that has been created for your project.

And, once you’ve hired one of Codeable’s experts, you’ll enter into a private one-on-one workroom where your conversation together becomes exclusive.

Codeable has some other handy tools built-in for their returning customers as well. One example is a tool that allows returning clients to post their new projects directly to their preferred developer(s) in order to completely bypass Codeable’s “public” forum.

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Alright, let’s wrap this thing up.

If you take only one thing away from this post, please let it be this;

Codeable is a company that thrives on quality — from the very first second you post your first project to Codeable, to the moment it’s ready to share with the world, you’ll feel like part of our family.

Codeable's Team of Certified Expert WordPress Developers

Codeable’s team of expert developers will gladly take on your toughest WordPress projects and treat your problems as if they were their own. Your priorities become their priorities, it’s just that simple.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of some help with WordPress I’d encourage you to post your project on Codeable. I can personally assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what some of my actual clients have had to say about their experiences with me, and with Codeable.

[testimonial author=”David Green” img=”” description=”Date: 11/28/17″] This was our first time using Codeable but we had a WordPress CSS issue that we just couldn’t figure out and we didn’t have time to wait for our developer to get back to us.We submitted a project, Nathan was very responsive and worked straight through from beginning to end getting everything fixed in just a few hours. The entire time he was right there listening to our feedback as well. We couldn’t be happier with our first Codeable experience, thanks Nathan![/testimonial]

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[testimonial author=”David Neiman” img=”” description=”Date: 2/20/18″] This was our second time hiring Nathan, and he was just as great the second time around as he was the first. For this project, another developer (not from Codeable) created confusion about the work we needed completed. Nathan quickly clarified everything, then proceeded to deliver precisely what we needed in order to complete our project, all with lightning-quick efficiency.Finding developers who you can trust is invaluable. Finding one who also looks out for you is even better. Thanks again Nathan![/testimonial]

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[testimonial author=”Tony Chopp” img=”” description=”Date: 1/3/18″] Nathan is a WordPress dragon slayer of unprecedented proportions.We’ve had the pleasure of working with him on probably 20 projects now. Most of them are pretty easy and he knocks that stuff out no problem. But this time we got the pleasure of having him on our side when things weren’t quite so clear.It was a plugin issue. And it had to do with sending emails from our web server. Office365 was mixed in there as well (yuck).Many good developers would’ve pulled every last one of their hairs out, but not Nathan. He was patient, persistent, and ultimately victorious. What a pleasure. It’s tough to find good help these days. Hire Nathan. Don’t think about it anymore, hire him![/testimonial]

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