Always Be Developing: Becoming The Most Productive Freelancer On Codeable

Alec Baldwin’s famous ABC monologue from Glengarry Glen Ross was directed at his sales team, but as a freelance developer I’ve taken his “Always Be Closing” message to heart. I’ve put my own spin on his message which is “Always Be Developing” and that’s how I became the most productive developer on Codeable.

Always Be Closing

If you’re not working as hard as you possibly can each and every day to complete projects for your current clients, as well as develop relationships with new ones, then you’re only cheating yourself. As freelance developers our time is literally our money, so why wouldn’t we want to be as productive as possible?

Personally, I joined the world of freelancing just over a year ago. And in that short time, I’ve worked tirelessly to earn my spot as the 4th highest-producing developer on Codeable in terms of total projects completed.

The 614 projects I’ve completed over the last 372 days didn’t just land me among elite company within Codeable’s Always-Be-Developing club, it also marked me as the club’s undisputed leader.

I’m extremely proud to announce I’ve earned the title of “most productive developer” on Codeable.

Okay, let’s pump the brakes on this self-promotional rant and define exactly what “productive” means within this article now shall we? In the interest of full disclosure, I’m only calculating productivity for the top ten highest producing developers, which has an entry level requirement of 350+ projects completed.

It’s pretty straightforward, I’m calculating “productivity” by dividing the total number of projects we’ve completed by our total working days. The “productivity” number you see in the second column below represents the average number of tasks completed on a daily basis by each of us developers.

I should also mention that the chart above doesn’t take into account any other metrics such as how many hours each developer worked, or how much income they’ve earned. Just because I’m working full-time via Codeable doesn’t mean my peers are. We all work different hours and take on projects of different sizes.

As you can see, in any given day I’m closing an average of 1.65 projects. Now, at any given time, I’ll have up to five projects open simultaneously, so that 1.65 projects closed only represents a fraction of my active work.

I’m also extremely proud to be one of the three developers (from the top 10) who averages more than one project completed per day. Here’s a fun fact — the top 5 developers for total projects complete are also the top 5 most productive, in a slightly different order. Is that a coincidence? I sure don’t think so.

So, okay, anyone could just crap out some work and call it done. I mean, I could paint ten pictures a day and call myself the world’s most productive artist, right? But that title doesn’t mean anything if all my “art” looks like garbage. That’s precisely why I’m so proud, I’ve received over 500 perfect 5-star reviews from my clients.

Quality doesn’t always go hand in hand with productivity. Lucky for you, Codeable has made it a point to change that. The developers on Codeable all do top-notch work regardless of their pace.

codeable expert wordpress developers

The certified expert WordPress developers on Codeable understand that you don’t have time to waste waiting around on a less-than-skilled developer who drags out the process only to deliver less-than-quality work. You want an expert who’s always closing while making their clients happy hundreds of times over.

I didn’t crash the top 5 most-closing developers, nor become the most productive freelancer on Codeable by accident. I’m passionate about WordPress development, and that passion fuels my productivity.

If you’re ready to call on an expert with a proven track record of getting stuff done, click the button below.

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