Ello, Goodbye: Why I Left My Full-time Job To Become A Full-Time Freelancer

The 9-to-5. The daily grind. Working for the man. No matter how you say it, having a full-time job is something most of us strive for and maintain for the majority of our lives. Now, if there’s one thing you’ve learned about me from reading my blog or working with me on a project, it’s that I don’t think the same way as most people.

And that’s why I just left the security of full-time agency employment for the pleasant abyss of freelance.

I’ll tell anyone willing to listen that my experience working with Codeable for the last six months has changed my life, and the decision to leave my steady office job is literal proof of that.

I now have a platform from which to sell my quality services, at the price they’re worth, to people who are willing to pay for them. Can’t beat that. I’ve talked about Codeable’s impact on me before, in an interview I did as part of their “Changing Lives” series back in November of 2015 (video below).

[responsive_video link=”https://vimeo.com/143639736″]

Now, a dramatic lifestyle shift like this isn’t for everyone, and it can be scary peering over the edge of the proverbial cliff. For some it’s especially terrifying because that cliff means leaving a steady, guaranteed paycheck behind. So, if you’re considering switching it up and going down the road of full-time freedom, I’d encourage you to ask yourself a few questions first…

Do you have a network in place?

Even if it’s just one person, on a small budget, who’s an old family friend, you should have at least one potential client you can reach out to who knows your skills and can be a reliable source of work as you continue to expand your network. People know people who know people, etc.

Can you pay next month’s rent?

What about six months from now’s rent? You must account for Doomsday: No incoming work. How long could you survive? What luxuries would you have to cut back first? As you can see in my income reports, a freelancer’s day-to-day income is the furthest thing from predictable. Have a plan in case you-know-what hits the fan.

Do you have a good tax guy?

You’ll be amazed at all the expenses big and small you can write off for business, right on down to your bedroom and that round of golf you played last week where you “talked business.” Remember, in this corporate benefit-free world you’re now living in, you’re paying for your own health insurance. Save wherever you can.

Does the thought of telling your boss “I’m leaving” terrify but excite you at the same time?

If it does, then you’ve got the mental makeup to handle the transition. In fact, if you do it the right way and you’ve demonstrated your skills at your full-time job, you might even be able to turn your employer into a client. At least that’s how it all worked out in my world…

I’m no life coach, I can only tell you what the right decision is for me. And now that I’ve made the transition from full-time employment to full-time freelance, I have even more hours in the day to make your website as beautiful and as functional as humanly possible.

So, read my reviews and get in touch. Then we can start working together — just not in a cubicle.

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