It’s Adventure Time: WordCamp 2016

Where did you go to summer camp? Deep in the woods somewhere, maybe next to a lake, bunked up in a cabin, swatting away mosquitoes? It was a blast, right? Meeting new friends and sharing stories, or just shooting the breeze with an occasional game of kickball thrown in for good measure.

Even as adults, we’re still searching for ways to recreate some of that childhood magic, aren’t we?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been to summer camp, but that’s about to change in a big way this year. In a couple of weeks, I’m headed back up to my hometown of Minneapolis (MN) to sponsor WordCamp 2016.

WordCamp 2016 Microsponsor Nathan Ello

This event is the Comicon on WordPress, minus the costumes of course. Two days of engaging speakers, networking, learning and socializing — and it’s all centered around our shared passion, WordPress.

The schedule is packed. Check it out here. The only thing missing is a massive lineup poster and this thing would be like Coachella. Maybe next year. But I’m stoked, obviously, to spend a weekend in my hometown talking to other experts about development, UX, marketing, current trends, performance and undoubtedly swapping tales of clients good and bad.

As a sponsor, I get a little bit of extra publicity in the program, which is great, since I will of course also be representing Codeable while I’m there. That’s what I love about being a freelancer with such a renowned organization — I get to attend events like WordCamp and become more involved in the WordPress community while networking for myself and on behalf of Codeable.

codeable expert wordpress developers

Minneapolis is a great city, but later this summer, I’m stepping up my game with a trip to WordCamp Europe in Vienna, Austria. I’m sponsoring this event as well, which has a much more global audience.

I’m excited to exchange stories with everyone I’ve met from around the globe. So, I’ve made this little Euro-trip of my own before and after the event it’s an awesome perk of being a full-time freelancer.

WordCamp 2016 Microsponsor

Itinerary: Scottsdale, Arizona — Las Vegas, Nevada — Copenhagen, Denmark — Barcelona, Spain — Rome, Italy — Vienna, Austria — WordCamp 2016 then a quick stop in Frankfurt, Germany before heading home.

This will be my first time attending WordCamp events and I’m planning on soaking up as much as I possibly can. You better believe I’ll have a full wrap-up report when I get back in July. Like any good kid away at camp for the summer, I promise to write home. Even if there’s no tether-ball or tire swing this time around.

In addition to being a jet-setter, I’m also one of the top-5 freelance developers on Codeable. I specialize in performance optimization (among other things). So, if your website is under-performing, or even if it just needs a tune-up, click the button below and let’s have a quick chat about it today!

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