Giannis Kipouros: Thessaloniki, Greece

Giannis Kipouros is a long-time developer of 14+ years from Thessaloniki, Greece, yet one of my newer Codable colleagues, who joined Codeable back in May of 2019.

While recently catching up, he shared with me how Codeable has not only changed his life, but is also changing the WordPress developer marketplace by becoming “an oasis in the freelancing world.”

If you’re not familiar already, Codeable is an outsourcing platform catering exclusively to WordPress development projects. Their mission is simple: to connect the world’s best freelance WordPress developers with clients and deliver quality without question.

codeable certified expert wordpress development freelancers

Joining the creme-de-la-creme of WordPress developers on Codeable is no easy task.

In fact, only 2% of WordPress developers who apply to Codeable are accepted to the platform.

Giannis made the cut.

With around 14+ years under his belt as an experienced developer, Giannis is a veteran freelancer with broad range. He shared with me a large part of his success is being able to focus on quality and customer satisfaction, while the well-established Codeable business model essentially does the rest.

Over 500 5-star reviews

After just one year with Codeable, it’s no wonder his statistics reflect perfect, five-star ratings across 100% of his projects. Giannis says his most rewarding projects are when “the client’s vision comes to life,” and working with Codeable assures the client that it will.

So whether or not you have a clear vision for your next project, if you’re still searching for an experienced, certified expert WordPress developer, hire Giannis. He’s who you’ve been looking for all along.

But don’t just take my word for it – Hear from Giannis in our interview below, or you can read reviews from his clients and browse his portfolio here.

Giannis Kipouros Codeable Certified Expert WordPress Developer Thessaloniki, Greece

1. For anyone who isn’t already familiar with Codeable, could you describe Codeable to them?

A phrase that I have heard from a fellow expert, and I think perfectly describes Codeable, is that “Codeable is an oasis in the freelancing world”. It has everything I was looking for in a working environment and much more.

Codeable has managed to single-handedly solve the biggest problems of freelance marketplaces while simultaneously showing a better way of conducting business to the world. Clients are now able to find top class WordPress experts ready to make their best work on every project they estimate for.

There is no need to waste time looking between hundreds of people that applied for your project without having any qualifications. In Codeable, all experts have extensive experience and are carefully vetted by the Codeable team. Furthermore, we have to be 100% confident we can deliver on time and to the highest standard before making our project estimation. When working with Codeable, quality in every aspect is assured.

Furthermore, Codeable is excellent for the experts too. Having a great team to support us, an awesome community behind the scenes, and a continuous flow of quality leads and projects, allows all experts to enjoy our jobs and produce work of the highest standards.

2. How has Codeable impacted your career as a freelance WordPress developer? Is working for Codeable any different than your previous jobs as a developer and if so, how?

Codeable surely changed my career, life, and the way I think about freelancing. The first significant change that I experienced when I joined was that Codeable took care of many parts of the freelance business that I previously had to do by myself, like sales, support, invoicing, e.t.c. This allowed me to focus on the things I love doing: produce quality work, and make the clients happy.

After that, the quality projects, the way Codeable does business, and the resources they provided made me change my way of thinking towards my work and life.

Furthermore, although still a freelancer, being in Codeable makes you feel part of a community that continually supports, helps, and improves one another. Codeable experts are colleagues, not competitors, something very uncommon in the freelance marketplace world.

3. Do you have a favorite memory, or favorite client, from Codeable? If so, could you tell us more about what set that experience apart from all the rest.

One of the best projects I worked on was a highly customized social network site based on WordPress and BuddyPress. The client had a great vision in his mind and knew how to achieve it.

Helping him realize his vision was a great experience that I really enjoyed. Adding hundreds of custom features from major social networks was very demanding and challenging, but the outcome was great, and it was the beginning of a long-term business relationship.

4. What are your favorite types of projects to work on via Codeable? If you could pick your perfect project, what (or who) would it be?

I love utilizing my knowledge to make customizations to sites that offer real value to clients and their business. WordPress and the major themes and plugins are very extensible, allowing us developers to do great things with them.

Making the client’s vision come to life is a great feeling. If my work adds value and takes the client’s business one step further, then my goal is accomplished.

5. For anyone who is considering joining Codeable, what advice would you have to share with them to convince them to join?

Joining Codeable is a life changer! Your job won’t ever be the same again. To mention a few of the perks of being a Codeable expert:

  1. There is a great community where experts help one another. Forget all the competitive marketplaces, here you will be part of a great team, and you won’t feel like you work alone anymore.
  2. The support team is there for you any time you might need anything or have any doubts.
  3. There is a constant stream of projects. You can pick the projects you like and enjoy doing.
  4. The rates are great, and you can improve them as you increase the value you offer.
  5. Codeable helps you grow. A significant number of resources, courses, and great discussions are shared among experts in the community Slack channel, forum, academy, and newsletter. Things you probably will miss if you work alone.

If you are professional WordPress freelancer that knows how to produce quality work, manage your time and make clients happy, don’t miss the chance to apply and become one of us.

6. For anyone who is considering posting their next WordPress project to Codeable, what advice would you have to share with them to convince them to do that?

My advice for anyone considering posting their WordPress project to Codeable would be to not hesitate even for a second. In the worst case scenario you will be able to speak with experts about your project, they can help you scope it out, fill any blanks and get an estimation without having to pay anything.

If you decide and move forward, accept the estimation and hire one of the experts, you will receive a service of the highest standards focused on you and your needs. All Codeable experts are carefully vetted and continually monitored in order to offer the best client experience, but don’t take my word for it, put it to the test;

  1. Visit the Codeable Experts’ directory.
  2. Pick random experts from the list or use a relevant keyword for your project to find suitable developers.
  3. Read their client reviews and see what their other clients’ have to say.

7. Some people think we’re robots, but developers are human too… When you’re not writing code for your clients, what do you like to do with your free time?

Mmm, free time! (In Homer Simpson’s voice) 😊

When I am not working, I spend time with my lovely wife and two young boys. I enjoy traveling, learning new things, fixing things around the house and watching football. I also like going out with friends and going to escape rooms.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your time on Codeable so far?

When I joined Codeable, my mind was blown by the way they handled things.

The platform is excellent and focused on providing a great experience for both the clients and the experts. The Codeable team has been very supportive (special thanks to David and Per), making me feel at home, although I was on uncharted territory. Furthermore, learning the Codeable way of conduct and doing business has been eye-opening.

Now, after being a Codeable Certified Expert for some time, I had the chance to work on some great projects, created some strong partnerships and improved as a professional and as a person.

I couldn’t have made a better choice!

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