Isabelle Desouches: Barcelona, Spain

Recently, I had the chance to sit down and chat with Isabelle Desouches. She’s a freelance WordPress developer from Barcelona, Spain and we’ve been colleagues on Codeable since mid-2019.

If you’re not familiar with Codeable, they’re an outsourcing platform that caters exclusively to WordPress development projects. Their mission is simple; to connect the world’s best freelance WordPress developers with the best clients, and to deliver quality without question.

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Joining the creme-de-la-creme of WordPress developers on Codeable is no easy task.

In fact, only 2% of WordPress developers who apply to Codeable get in.

Isabelle made the cut.

Officially joining the Codeable team as a certified expert WordPress developer back in May of 2019, she’s been delivering quality without question ever since.

To date, she’s received perfect, 5-star ratings from all of her clients and that’s definitely not something that happens by accident.

If you’re still searching for a tremendously talented WordPress developer to join your team, you’ve come to the right place. Hire Isabelle, she’s who you’ve been looking for all along.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it…

Read reviews from her clients, browse her portfolio, or hear from Isabelle herself in our interview below.

Certified Expert WordPress Developer Isabelle Desouches Barcelona Spain

1. For anyone who isn’t already familiar with Codeable, could you describe Codeable to them?

Codeable is a premium platform on which a variety of WordPress developers answer clients needs on design, development, SEO and bug-fixing issues.

2. How has Codeable impacted your career as a freelance WordPress developer? Is working for Codeable any different than your previous jobs as a developer and if so, how?

Working on Codeable has made me much happier than before haha. I get clients more easily, without the need for me to “go get them”, as they first come by themselves to solve issues they’re having. The trust they have in Codeable allows me to concentrate more on my tasks than on reassuring the client, which is also a lot of time saved. And I feel respectfully retributed for my work, as the estimation system avoids clients from choosing the cheaper expert, there is no race for the lower price. I finally feel respected!

3. Do you have a favorite memory, or favorite client, from Codeable? If so, could you tell us more about what set that experience apart from all the rest.

I really enjoyed working for a Japanese client. The communication was super smooth and they expressed great content after my work was finished, so I really felt appreciated as an expert also it was weird working in a Japanese environment although I do not understand a word of it haha, but with the help of my client everything went smoothly and efficiently!

4. What are your favorite types of projects to work on via Codeable? If you could pick your perfect project, what (or who) would it be?

I have lots of fixing jobs. But I’d love to have a “create a website from scratch” job. That’s what I used to do before Codeable, and I kind of miss it a little bit. I would love to make the website of a new eco-friendly brand!

5. For anyone who is considering joining Codeable, what advice would you have to share with them to convince them to join?

Here, clients DO respect you! And for once, the staff is also on your side… Also, even though I have had a few (non-Codeable) clients who wouldn’t dare respond to me in a feed where there were three other male developers, Codeable’s clients are less sexist than I’ve experienced on other platforms where they won’t take you seriously if you’re a woman.

6. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about yourself?

I’m the proud mother of a wonderful one-year-old child. And I do photography in my spare time.

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