Marius Vetrici, WPRiders: Romania

Marius Vetrici, developer-extraordinaire and founder of WPRiders joined Codeable’s team back in July of 2014 and we become colleagues almost exactly one year later when I’d joined the team as well.

If you’re not familiar with Codeable, they’re an outsourcing platform that caters exclusively to WordPress development projects. Their mission is simple; to connect the world’s best freelance WordPress developers with the best clients, and to deliver quality without question.

Today, Marius is one of Codeable’s most elite developers, his stats are beyond impressive and he’s among their the top-ten most productive developers of all time.

successful freelancing is a marathon not a sprint

While it’s hard to trump my love for stats, his WPRiders venture had me more intrigued.

But why?

Well, I’m a fairly successful freelance developer myself and one thing I’ve learned over my career, and have confirmed with other solo developers on Codeable, is that our annual incomes will (eventually) plateau.

Full disclosure, for the most dedicated WordPress developers, that number is between $150-200K per year.

Two strategies I’ve considered to scale beyond that plateau were to either;

  1. Build a team (sell other people’s hours).
  2. Create an online course (stop trading dollars for hours altogether).

The BIG difference between myself and Marius is that he’s actually done it, and quite successfully at that.

He’s assembled an all-star team of 13 WordPress developers in Bucharest, Romania called WPRiders.

To date, Marius and his team have received perfect, 5-star ratings from nearly all of their Codeable clients.

With 1,200+ projects completed over 5+ years, that’s definitely not something that happened on accident.

Over 500 5-star reviews

If you’re still searching for a tremendously talented developer to help bring your next project to life, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Hire Marius, he and his team at WPRiders are who you’ve been looking for all along.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it…

Read reviews from his clients, browse his portfolio, or hear from Marius himself in our interview below.

Certified Expert WordPress Developer Marius Vetrici WPRiders Bucharest Romania

1. For anyone who isn’t already familiar with Codeable, could you describe Codeable to them?

Codeable is the best marketplace for finding world-class WordPress specialists all over the world. Period.

2. How has Codeable impacted your career as a freelance WordPress developer? Is working for Codeable any different than your previous jobs as a developer and if so, how?

I started as a freelancer, but after one year on Codeable I was getting so many projects that I decided to scale up and to develop my agency, called WPRiders. Nowadays, we are an 13-member team, and Codeable was the main factor that contributed to this development.

3. Do you have a favorite memory, or favorite client, from Codeable? If so, could you tell us more about what set that experience apart from all the rest.

One of the best projects I’ve worked on with my team was this Medical Recruitment website. It’s a staffing solution for sourcing doctors and nurses in specific geographical areas.

This was a many months long project, with a very demanding enterprise customer. The customer knew what are his business goals, but was totally open about technical suggestions and approaches.

4. What are your favorite types of projects to work on via Codeable? If you could pick your perfect project, what (or who) would it be?

We enjoy working with online entrepreneurs who are launching listing services similar to AirBnB, e-learning platforms similar to Udemy and marketplaces similar to Upwok. But we do this for specific niches, like the beauty industry, education, finacial industry, etc.

Besides that, we are specializing in building WordPress plugins. We work on complex builds, as well as on integrating existing SaaS-es with WordPress.

5. For anyone who is considering joining Codeable, what advice would you have to share with them to convince them to join?

Well, I’ve got two pieces of information;

#1 – If you are you feeling alone as a freelancer, Codeable will feel like a family to you. It’s a tight-knit community of quality WordPress freelancers from all over the world. People are communicating and sharing info and insights big time!

#2 – You will get a constant stream of projects. So if you need a new channel for getting work, Codeable is the place to be.

6. When you’re not developing, what do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I practice Vipassana/Goenka meditation to remain calm and focused.

I also enjoy playing board games or riding a bike with my kids.

Hiking is another passion that I have. We often go to the Carpathian mountains for a day trip.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about yourself?

Well, we’ve started from 0 (obviously), but now we have more than 1,240 projects finished! And 97 out of 100 customers have rated us with 5 out of 5 stars for project quality and their experience.

All of this is due to the Codeable “school” – their values, principles, and working procedures. If you follow them, not only you’ll get excellent results; it will be a transformational experience for yourself. Being on Codeable makes you a better expert, a better person. More on this in my “Changing lives” Codeable interview.

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