Celebrating My 750th WordPress Project

When you think about a “700 club,” your mind probably goes to one of two places… Either a late night evangelical TV show (let’s hope not) or to baseball’s esteemed group of sluggers who have smacked more than 700 career home runs. Three legends of the game make up this exclusive club (Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Babe Ruth) proving that it takes many years of performing at the top of your game to hit milestones so gaudy you have to count them on seventy pairs of hands.

Now, I’m not saying I’m the Barry Bonds of WordPress developers. I mean, for starters, I’ve achieved all my success without the aid of performance enhancing drugs. Well, unless you consider caffeine to be a performance enhancing drug, then I suppose I’m just as guilty as Mr. Bonds… But hey, let’s be real, I don’t think you could find a developer without a pile of energy drinks (or at least a coffee) sitting on their desk.

wordpress developer

Anyways, what I’m really trying to say here is that that I’ve recently joined a group that’s almost as exclusive as baseball’s illustrious slugger list. As of today, (January 5th, 2017) I’ve officially become the fourth member of Codeable’s 750 club, meaning I’ve successfully completed over 750 WordPress development projects.

While I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ve reached this milestone, I’m even more excited to have joined this exclusive club faster than anyone else in the history of Codeable. I’m also very proud that I’ve achieved this while maintaining a perfect 5-star average rating from everyone I’ve worked for.

Nathan Reimnitz 750 5-star reviews Codeable

In 17 short months, I’ve risen up the productivity rankings to become the developer with the fourth-most completed tasks the history of Codeable. Here’s what my stats look like when broken down even further;

Days to reach 750 completed tasks: 519
Total revenue generated: $244,521.74
Average task size: $436.55

These numbers continue to be right in line with my very publicly stated goals of earning five figures per month as a freelancer. Money is a great motivator (well, at least it is for me anyways) and seeing my income reports increase every quarter helps keep me productive. Being able to grow my network and become an exclusive developer for Codeable’s greatest clients has also helped land me in this rarified air.

And just to be clear, the Codeable developers don’t just take on jobs for the sake of padding our stats either. Every single project we open, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity for us to showcase our very best work and deliver the quality that Codeable stands for. I’m very proud of the fact that my average customer rating remains at a perfect 5.0 even with such a large sample size.

Over 750 5-star reviews

So what’s next? Well, I suppose task number one thousand will be a fun one… The same goes for two thousand thousand and beyond. Those big numbers are what turn heads, but I get just as much enjoyment out of providing the highest quality work on every task along my way there. When it comes to Codeable, your numbers don’t matter nearly as much as the quality, but sure, the milestones are pretty nice too.

Are you’re looking for a developer who understands the ins and outs of everything WordPress and can deliver a website that gets results time and time again? Well then hello, I’m Nathan, and it’s very nice to meet you. To date I’ve completed 750 WordPress projects successfully and I’m still going strong. So, if you’re ready to fire up project number 751 with me all you’ve got to do is click the button below and we’ll get started!

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