Codeable’s Most Productive Developers

It’s hard to believe that I’m already celebrating my two-year anniversary with Codeable… Wow!

I guess it’s true what they say — time flies when you’re doing something you love.

Over these last few years I’ve written extensively about all the ways Codeable has changed my life for the better. But, just in case you’re not familiar with what they’ve done for me here’s a quick recap;

They’ve changed my financial trajectory, put me up on stage at WordCamp events all around the world, and enabled me not only to become a more successful freelancer, but, to become a digital nomad too.

Throughout my journey I’ve steadily been among the top 10 developers in terms of projects completed, all while earning hundreds of perfect, 5-star reviews from all the awesome clients I’ve worked for.

But, I’m certainly not the only developer who’s making big moves on Codeable.

For all the writing I do about myself and my adventures, there are many more tremendously skilled expert WordPress developers who are completing great work for their clients at an equally impressive pace.

So, for my two-year Code-iversary, I wanted to pull the curtain back a bit and show you exactly where I rank, as well as highlight some of my peers whose lives have also been changed thanks to Codeable.

happy clients

Before we get into these stats I wanted to quickly remind you of just how rare the air is once you start talking about top-10 lists at Codeable… Remember, this is a service that only hires the top 2% of applicants to begin with. Right now, there’s somewhere around 255 expert WordPress developers on Codeable, so the names in the top-10 represent the top 4% of their talent. And remember, that’s the top 4% of the top 2%.

Anyways, here’s the top 10 list ranked by the total number of projects completed;

And here’s a much more colorful representation of all this data (click to enlarge);

Here’s some fun facts — I’m one of just two Americans on this list (USA!) and I’m also the newest guy to the party… All of my colleagues listed here have been with Codeable for longer than me (some by 2+ years).

I’ve been working as hard as I physically can to catch up to these guys, and today, as of the time of this post I’m comfortably sitting in fourth position based on total lifetime tasks completed via Codeable.

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Meet Codeable’s Top 10 Developers

  1. Saad Iqbal — 1,418
  2. Orion K — 1,320
  3. Alex Belov — 1,160
  4. Nathan Reimnitz — 968
  5. Frederick Pohl — 867
  6. Bogdan Dragomir — 629
  7. Surendra Shrestha — 604
  8. Josh Morley — 585
  9. Spyros Vlachopoulos — 568
  10. Marius Vetrici — 534

Note: You can click on any of the developers names above to browse their profile on Codeable.

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Okay, now let’s switch gears and talk about productivity

For the sake of these charts, “productivity” is defined as total working days divided by total amount of tasks completed. When ranked by this productivity”metric I find myself right near the top (2nd place), in a very close race with my friend (and rival) Alex Belov.

Please keep in mind that these charts don’t take project size into account, so it’s certainly possible that some of my colleagues are focusing on fewer, but larger projects to earn their income while my strategy has always been to go after smaller projects in greater quantities.

This is also one of the reasons why WordPress developers love working for Codeable so much — they give us developers the flexibility to pursue the projects that interest each of us the most.

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Hire Codeable’s Most Productive Developers

  1. Alex Belov — 1.35
  2. Nathan Reimnitz — 1.26
  3. Saad Iqbal — 1.05
  4. Orion K — 0.79
  5. Josh Morley — 0.66
  6. Frederick Pohl — 0.63
  7. Spyros Vlachopoulos — 0.48
  8. Marius Vetrici — 0.47
  9. Bogdan Dragomir — 0.40
  10. Surendra Shrestha — 0.36

Note: You can click on any of the developers names above to browse their profile on Codeable.

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Today, I’m a member of the top 10 WordPress developers on Codeable because I’ve carefully combined quantity with quality. What I mean by that specifically is that I’ve combined the quantity of total projects completed with an exceptional quality of work to become one of their most productive freelancers to date.

I’ve achieved this through efficient project management, effective communication, and most importantly a strong work ethic. My goal is to continue climbing the rankings, so if you have a WordPress problem that you need help solving please click the button below and get in touch with me today.

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