Reaching Codeable’s Top 10 Developers

If it seems like I’m writing a new milestone post every few weeks, well, that’s because I am. Recently I’ve celebrated my 350th project completed on Codeable, a process that earned me $100,000 and a good enough living to leave my full-time job and concentrate solely on freelance development projects.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I have worked my way up into the top 10 WordPress developers on Codeable, and at the time of this post I’m holding down 7th place. That means that out of all 195 WordPress developers who’ve qualified to work for Codeable, I’m in the top 4%. What I’m saying is, it’s a small group and I’m extremely proud to have earned my spot among these elite developers.

The list of the top 10 WordPress developers on Codeable is calculated based on only one metric; total projects completed. I’ve completed 425 projects (to-date) which has landed me in 7th place.

Here’s a Kentucky Derby-style graphic a fellow developer created to help illustrate my point.

top 10 wordpress developers on codeable

Now, my gallop into the top 10 WordPress developers on Codeable is not a slow and steady wins the race situation. In fact, when the other horses were let out of the gate, I was still back in the stable. The other experts on this leaderboard have been working for Codeable longer that me and as you can see some of them have been able to complete over 800 (and nearly 900) projects so far.

Now, my horse may never catch up with the rockstar developers leading the pack but that’s okay with me. Those guys, and the numbers they put up, motivate me to continue working hard every day for my clients.

I’ve written a few times now about how great Codeable has been to me, and I anticipate writing many more of these posts in the future. Much like publishing my income reports, I choose to document my successes publicly to provide inspiration to other freelancers while continuing to push myself towards new goals. Plus, it always feels good to see yourself on the big board. Down the stretch they come, indeed!

I’m a member of the top 10 WordPress developers on Codeable because I’ve carefully combined quantity with quality. What I mean by that specifically is that I’ve combined the quantity of total projects completed with an exceptional quality of work to become one of their highest rated freelancers.

I’ve achieved this through efficient project management, effective communication, and most importantly a strong work ethic. My goal is to continue climbing the rankings, so if you have a project for me, click the button below and get in touch with me today.

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