Call Me Mr. Tree-Fiddy: Celebrating My First Six Months On Codeable

There are certain milestone numbers that turn a career legendary. In baseball, 500 home runs all but clinches the Hall-of-Fame. Ten number one hits puts a musician in rarefied air. In the world of website development, well, there isn’t exactly a magic number but that doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly proud and excited to have recently completed my 350th project while freelancing on Codeable.

nathan ello reimnitz freelancing on codeable for six months

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Freelancing on Codeable has been a life changer.

Recently, it became a lifestyle changer as well, as my successes with part-time freelancing allowed me to leave my “real job” developing websites from nine-to-five and finally focus on freelancing full-time. Now I’m staying busier than ever and creating more awesome website for great clients than I ever though possible.

And to think, it’s only been six short months since I joined Codeable’s team!

As my freelance career keeps projecting upwards, I thought it would be fun to use my 350th project milestone (actually, it’s already up to 352 but who’s counting) to quantify my time spent freelancing on Codeable so far. My hope is that by 600, one thousand, ten thousand completed projects and beyond, I’ll be able to see just how humble these beginnings really are.

  • Days to Reach 350 Completed Projects: 192 (6 Months, 8 Days)
  • Total Revenue Generated: $95,279.62 (Including Codeable Fees)
  • Total Revenue Earned: $75,319.86 (Excluding Codeable Fees)
  • Average Task Size: $338.69

When I first started out on Codeable, I set a goal to achieve a six-figure annual income. At the time earning $300 a day, every day, all year long certainly seemed like a lofty goal… So far the hard work has paid off and my average daily earnings for these first three-hundred-and-fifty-two tasks is just south of the $400 mark.

Not too shabby for six months and eight days, right?

Maintaining this pace over the coming months would allow me to hit my goal slightly ahead of schedule. If that happens you’ll find me celebrating with an extended vacation somewhere tropical, exotic drink in hand.

As impressive (or unimpressive) as that all may be, I’m actually more proud of these next statistics since they speak to my commitment in delivering the highest quality work for each and every project.

  • Tasks I’ve Estimated & Been Hired For: 42% (During the last 6 months)
  • Tasks I’ve Estimated & Been Hired For: 48% (During the last 30 days)
  • Average Project Rating: 4.93 (5.0 Scale)

Working on almost two projects a day in addition to my “real job” had been challenging to say the least, but the fact that I’ve been able to achieve the results I have while maintaining such a high quality standard and average project rating tells me that all the sleepless nights have been worth it!

I couldn’t have reached this milestone without the trust of my clients and I’m more motivated than ever to ramp these numbers up even further and see just how far Codeable can take me this year. So, if you’ve got a problem with your WordPress website that needs solving, get in touch with me today.

Or, if you’d prefer to post your next task publicly and engage in a conversation with both my colleagues and myself on Codeable, I’d encourage you to click here and receive $10 off your next project.

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