I’m Speaking At WordCamp Vancouver

Do you want to learn the secrets to earning a five-figure monthly income as a freelancer, even within the first year of striking out on your own? Do you live near Vancouver? Are you planning to attend WordCamp?

If you’re a follower of this blog, then you probably answered “yes” to at least one of those questions.

Well, that’s exactly why I’m writing this post — to proudly announce that I’ve accepted my invitation to participate in WordCamp Vancouver this year as a featured speaker. It’s all going down on August 27th.

So far 2016 is treating me well, especially when it comes to passport stamps and frequent flier miles.

Between WordCamp Minneapolis (Minnesota) in May and WordCamp Europe (Vienna) in June, I’ve already had two amazing opportunities to learn from some of world’s leading WordPress experts and network with like-minded developers this year. I’ve also managed to find the best schnitzel restaurant in Austria.

WordCamp Vancouver will be my first opportunity to speak to my peers publicly and share my personal experiences with making the transition from full-time employee to full-time freelancer successfully.

I’m sticking to what I know best — five figure freelancing.

I’ll share all the tips, tricks, and successful strategies I’ve implemented. Together, these tips will help you increase your average monthly earnings as a freelance WordPress developer beyond the $10,000 mark.

Successful freelancer rules to follow

I’ve written about this same topic before, so if you can’t make it to Canada next month please click here and read my posts about how you can earn more as a freelancer today. These posts are a good primer for what my talk in Vancouver will cover, and I’ll be sure to post my session here in early September.

I’m excited to share my stories of both good and bad clients, along with the trial-by-fire nature of freelancing in general. I’ll share how each of these experiences have helped propel me past the five-figure mark.

Should you miss me at WordCamp Vancouver, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to read my story and learn more about my journey and insights into the world of full-time freelancing right here on my blog.

However, if you just can’t wait for August to get here then I’d be happy to share my tips and tricks with you early. All you’ve got to do is click that button fancy below and schedule your phone call with me.

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