Weekly Income Report: November 2015

My November 2015 weekly income report contains detailed daily metrics of my progress as a freelance developer for Codeable.

This is a closer look the same data found within my monthly income report for November 2015. To drill this data down even further, into a day-by-day breakdown, you can click here to see my daily income report. Or, maybe you’d be more  interested to learn why I publish these reports in the first place?

November was another fairly consistent month financially with a very steady workload. Overall my performance was stronger than ever before making it my personal best month yet both productively and financially. My total opened projects increased by 23% over September (my previous best month) from 64 to 79, while revenue increased by 16% from $14,080.16 to $16,389.10.

On these charts, opened projects refers to clients who have hired me to work on their projects while opened revenue represents the deposits they’ve placed for their work to be completed. Clients on Codeable deposit 100% of their project costs up front which is then placed into escrow until they mark the project as complete. Completed projects are showcased in my graphs as projects closed and closed revenue.

*Note: You can click on any of the graphs featured on this page to zoom in and see a larger version. november 2015 weekly income report codeable november 2015 weekly income report codeable november 2015 weekly income report codeable november 2015 weekly income report codeable november 2015 weekly income report codeable My income is public, and so are my websites. In fact, my portfolio is full of responsive websites for big brands and small businesses that are elegant, functional and highly ranked in search. This includes several websites that have scored a perfect 100/100 for mobile user experience when run through Google readiness tests. You can get the user experience score for your website by clicking here.

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