Quarterly Income Report: Q3 2016

First things first, I’d like to warn you that this article contains my quarterly income report for Q3, 2016.

What that means is that this article talks about money… More specifically, it’s about money I’ve earned as a freelance WordPress developer working for Codeable, LinkedIn, Clarity, and GoDaddy during Q3, 2016.

If you’re not a fan of this topic then I’d encourage you to visit my blog and choose another article of mine to read. Perhaps you’d be more interested in learning why I publish my income reports in the first place?

Spoiler alert: I believe transparency trumps secrecy.

I’d also like to mention that the intent of this article is to inspire, not to boast. This is my personal story, my journey, in becoming a freelance WordPress developer. My goal is to show other developers what’s possible as a freelancer and hopefully inspire someone to pursue a fulfilling career of their own as a freelancer.

Now, before we dive any further into this topic together we need to get on the same page about one thing. This isn’t some magic, get-rich-quick, overnight success, fantasy bullshit. This is real income produced by completing real work for real clients. I earned $60,977.53 in Q3 by working for it, not wishing for it.

On these charts, opened projects refers to clients who have hired me to work on their projects while opened revenue represents the deposits they’ve placed for their work to be completed. Clients on Codeable deposit 100% of their project costs up front which is then placed into escrow until they mark the project as complete. Projects marked as complete are represented by projects closed and closed revenue

*Note: You can click on any of the graphs showcased below to zoom in and see a larger version.

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Month #7 — Freelance Income Report For July 2016

July was a great start to Q3, 2016 both financially and productively. I set a new personal record for closed project revenue in a single month with $21,165.83 coming from 53 projects. This is a 33% increase over my previous best month of $15,907.70 which I set back in April of 2016.

Both my productivity and revenue was stronger than last month. The total amount of new projects I opened increased by 48% (from 37 to 55), while the total closed projects increased by 55% (from 34 to 53).

I also set a couple new records this month (during week #30) for both opened and closed project revenue.

Third Quarter Income Report July 2016

*Note: By now you’ve probably noticed a difference in the total income reported in my text vs the chart above, that’s because July ended on the 3rd day of week #31. In order to provide the most accurate week-over-week comparison I’m showcasing the full week #31 which includes 4 days from August 2016.

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Month #8 — Freelance Income Report For August 2016

August was another great month for me both productively and financially. Overall it was a fairly steady month and my average project size was 6.5% greater than those in July (from $399.36 to $425.64).

I didn’t open as many new tasks as I did last month (down 16% from 55 to 45) nor did I open more new business than I did in July (down 26% from $24,282.93 to $17.985.69). Unfortunately my total income from closed projects shrank as well but hey, that’s okay, August was still my second best month ever (to date).

Third Quarter Income Report August 2016

*Note: You’ve probably noticed another difference in the total income reported in my text vs the chart above, that’s because August ended on the 5th day of week #35. In order to provide the most accurate week-over-week comparison I’m showcasing the full week #35 which includes 2 days from September.

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Month #9 — Freelance Income Report For September 2016

During September 2016 I opened more new tasks (up 10% from 46 to 51) and also opened more new business (up 35% from $17,985.69 to $24,333.11). While I did open less projects than back in July, my average project size in September was nearly 8% greater (from $399.36 to $430.28) which is why I was able to open more new business (financially) even though I hadn’t opened quite as many new projects overall.

I experienced gains in both projects completed (up 11% from 44 to 49) as well as an increase in total revenue earned (up 12% from $18,728.19 to $21,083.51). These numbers are pretty exciting for me to see especially because my average task size has nearly tripled since I started freelancing back in August of 2015.

Third Quarter Income Report September 2016

Compared to last quarter (Q2, 2016) my total new tasks opened dropped by 0.6% (from 153 to 152) while the total new revenue opened decreased by 0.5% (from $66,999.11 to $66,601.73). My total revenue generated from closed projects grew the most this quarter, this time by 64% (from $37,180.86 to $60,977.53).

Overall I’m very happy with my third quarter income report of 2016, I’ve hit my monthly goal of $10,000+ closed revenue for each of the first 9 months. I’ve got the momentum on my side and again I’m heading forward with fierce optimism. Let’s see if I can go 12 for 12 on my monthly goals… So far so good!

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Okay, let’s wrap this thing up…

My income is public, and so are my websites. In fact, my portfolio is full of responsive websites for big brands and small businesses that are elegant, functional and highly ranked in search. This includes several websites that have scored a perfect 100/100 for mobile user experience when run through Google readiness tests. You can get the user experience score for your website by clicking here.

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