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Codeable August 2015

Codeable Freelancing: August 2015

This is real income produced by completing real work. I earned $6,483.15 in August by working for it, not wishing for it.
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Weekly Income Report: August 2015

Browse a week-by-week breakdown of my August 2015 monthly income report which includes four additional colorful charts.
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august 2015 daily income report codeable

Daily Income Report: August 2015

Browse a detailed daily breakdown of my August 2015 monthly income report which includes a fancy sortable table.
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Why I Make My Income Reports Public

Income, specifically our own, is a heavily-guarded secret and taboo topic in our society. Not on my blog though. I believe transparency trumps secrecy, for richer or poorer.
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helix house digital advertising agency

Helix House: Digital Advertising Agency

An award winning advertising agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. These creative minds inspire big ideas and deliver measurable results for leading brands worldwide.
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eVisit website

eVisit: Telehealth Software Solutions

eVisit's physician-first tools are improving healthcare delivery for both providers and patients by bridging the gap between technology and healthcare.
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aerial district website

Aerial District: Aerial Videography

Based out of New Jersey, Aerial District sends drones up into the sky to take ultra-HD pictures and videos of events.
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