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What’s the difference between vs

Looking to learn more about the differences between vs Here’s a guide to help you tell them apart.
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How To Protect Your WordPress Website From Five Common Security Threats

Learn five strategies to follow and which automated tools you can use use to address most WordPress website security needs.
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How can Jetpack make your routine WordPress maintenance tasks easier?

Learn about four of Jetpack's most useful WordPress maintenance features, and how you can use each one of them to save time.
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How To Create WordPress Landing Pages

Landing pages are key for converting casual visitors to dedicated customers. Learn how you can create a new landing page today.
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How To Keep Your Readers Engaged Longer With Jetpack’s Related Posts

Learn how using Jetpack's related posts tool can help keep visitors engaged with your website for even longer periods of time.
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Why is choosing a smart move for your next business website?

Choosing for your business' next website is a great option. In this article, I'll highlight five reasons why this is true.
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Why you should outsource your WordPress development projects via Codeable

Codeable: The Best Outsourcing Platform For WordPress Projects

Codeable is the Holy Grail of outsourcing platforms, learn why the world's best clients are posting their WordPress projects here.
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Why WordPress developers will love working for Codeable

Codeable: The Best Freelancing Platform For WordPress Developers

Codeable is the Holy Grail of outsourcing platforms, learn why the most talented WordPress developers want to join them.
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WordPress Website Resolutions 2018

WordPress Website Resolutions For 2018

These 13 website resolution ideas are a great way to help keep your business on the path towards success over the coming year.
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Over 500 5-star reviews

My Favorite Client Reviews from 2017

Read my favorite reviews which I'd received while completing 380+ WordPress development projects for my clients in 2017.
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What are the must-have pages for your business’ next WordPress website?

Learn more about seven of the most common WordPress pages and how they can improve both your site and customer experiences.
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Business Growth: Talk To Your Shoppers

Talking to your customers creates immediate opportunities to learn about their pain points. Use this feedback to improve your business.
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Why should you consider outsourcing your business’ WordPress site security?

Website security issues are hard to bounce back from. Learn why outsourcing your site security is crucial for small business success.
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1000 WordPress Projects Completed

A Grand Announcement — Celebrating 1,000 WordPress Projects Completed

I'm officially the 4th member of Codeable's exclusive 1000 club, meaning I've completed over 1000 WordPress projects successfully.
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Looking back on my first two years of freelancing on Codeable

Looking Back: Two Years With Codeable

Take a closer look at the strategies I've followed over the last two years to earn nearly $300K as a WordPress developer.
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digital nomad earnings comparison

Can digital nomads earn as much as “regular” freelancers?

I've spent the last two years working as a freelancer and digital nomad, in this article we'll compare my income between the two.
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Codeable's top 10 wordpress developers

Codeable’s Most Productive Developers

Meet the top ten most productive certified expert WordPress developers who are currently working for Codeable.
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How to become a digital nomad

Learn How To Become A Digital Nomad

Here's how I made my transition, first from full-time employee to freelancer and then again from freelancer to digital nomad.
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