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Seven Rules of Client Relations for Freelance WordPress Developers

Learn how to maximize your revenue as a freelance web developer with these client relations tips I wrote for
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How to become a successful freelancer

How To Become A Successful Freelancer And Start Earning Even More — Part 1

These are the first eight rules I followed to ensure I’d never have to sit at another desk, or at least one that I didn’t want to, again.
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WordCamp 2016 Microsponsor Europe

It’s Adventure Time: WordCamp 2016

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been to summer camp, but that’s about to change in a big way this year via WordCamp 2016.
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Where does SEO strategy fit into the website development process?

Spoiler alert, everywhere. In this piece I wrote for, we'll explore how, and when, to incorporate your SEO strategy.
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two thousand mile dinner trip

The Two-Thousand Mile Dinner Trip

Last weekend, I took a little road trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Austin, Texas to meet the founders of Codeable – Per and Tomaz.
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top 10 wordpress developers on codeable

Reaching Codeable’s Top 10 Developers

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I've busted my way into the top 10 WordPress developers on Codeable. At the time of this post I'm holding down 7th place.
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Should you use responsive web design or design for mobile first?

Need help choosing between mobile-first or responsive web design? In this piece I wrote for, we'll weigh your options.
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responsive design

Why I Choose Responsive Design First

Designing for mobile first versus responsive web design is not a chicken-and-egg conundrum; one can exist without the other.
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First Quarter Income Report 2016

Quarterly Income Report: Q1 2016

Browse a month-by-month breakdown of my first quarter 2016 income report which includes three additional colorful charts.
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Responsive Design - Why Size and Shape Matters

Responsive Design: Why Size Matters

Today, over 60% of consumers digital media time is being spent on mobile devices. It’s no longer good enough to think solely about the desktop version of your website.
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Reddit AMA's – Nathan Ello Reimnitz

How To Host Successful AMA’s on Reddit

I recently hopped on over to the wild west of the internet and hosted a series of AMA’s on Reddit. Here's what I've learned from it.
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Codeable Quality

Quality in Quantity: It’s What Sets The Developers At Codeable Apart

Codeable was founded on the idea of putting the capital-Q in Quality. Nothing short of the absolute best is acceptable for their clients.
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A Hundred Grand On Codeable: How I Reached The Six Figure Milestone

To make a living as a freelancer you have to commit to working every day. Here's what that looked like for me over the last six months.
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Website Security: Why You Should Install An SSL Certificate Today

In today's world, website security is an important topic for every website, not just corporations or financial institutions.
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how to write project briefs

Project Briefs: How To Write Better Ones That Actually Get Noticed

Your time and money clocks start ticking the instant you start writing your project briefs. Craft yours carefully to avoid wasting both.
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freelancing on codeable

Call Me Mr. Tree-Fiddy: Celebrating My First Six Months On Codeable

I’m incredibly proud and excited to have completed my 350th project on Codeable. I thought it'd be fun to use this milestone to quantify the time I've spent freelancing.
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January 2016 Monthly Income Report

Codeable Freelancing: January 2016

This is real income produced by completing real work. I earned $10,433.19 in January by working for it, not wishing for it.
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January 2016 Weekly Income Report

Weekly Income Report: January 2016

Browse the week-by-week breakdown of my January 2016 income report which includes five additional colorful charts.
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